The Rotasoc product range is available in different modular units, allowing the system to be expanded easily and safely, without affecting the power supply.

Each power module can contain a double array of three vertically stacked 32 A busbar conductors to distribute power to the socket outlets. Socket outlets are available in 2,3 and 4 gang modules.

Modules simply connect into the end of each unit and lock together by a cam lock-lever, or can be inter-linked to other units using interconnection modules. To allow the user to choose a module that suits their application, the modules have been catagorised into product groups; Standard Power, Low Noise / Clean and Dual Power (Standard and Low Noise in one unit).

Rotasoc is available in 16A and 32A systems. The power rating is set by the different Infeed options; choose the number of sockets required, select fusing or protection option, finish the system with communication module or end cap.

Due to Rotasoc’s robust design, it is especially effective where safe and reliable power sources are needed. Applications include:

  • Hospitals laboratories, research facilities
  • Clinics and medical facilities
  • Bank dealing rooms
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Power stations
  • High use IT facilities
  • Communications facilities and broadcasting stations
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Networking facilities
  • Insurance companies

Rotascoc gives a high degree of confidence to users.  The product is, perhaps, overengineered, but is safe.  The unit is sealed, so prevents misuse and water damage.  Rotasoc reduces the possibility of fire and is often specified by insurers and safety officers.  It is a fail safe solution and, in the event of power problems, Rotasoc localises the fault condition, allowing simple diagnosis and rectification.

Rotasoc is of particular interest to Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Specification and Electrical Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Consultants and Furniture Manufacturers and Distributors.

Rotasoc is indicated for both new buildings and refurbishment projects.

Rotasoc Above Desk Power Module

Rotasoc Under Desk Power Module

Due to Rotasoc's modular design, the products can be quickly installed and enable rapid configuration changes. This saves time and expense with workstation relocation.

The colour coded and keyed Rotasoc modules can be pushed and locked together to match increased power demands.

Modules can be fused, to meet the requirements of BS6396, or unfused or a combination of both if required.

Rotasoc is a totally universal range of products which together make one of the most comprehensive power and data systems available for the workplace.

There is no other product of this quality and superiority available giving the users matchless flexibility and excellence in the workplace.

Rotasoc products are designed for speed of installation as they require no further wiring or termination other than the Infeed module.

Colour coded and keyed modular units allow the system to be expanded easily and safely without degradation or contamination of supplies.

Rotasoc is a compact smart system catering for general and complex high power outlet requirements.

Rotasoc can reconfigure a dealer support workstation to a dealer workstation environment in seconds using additional power modules, keeping costs down for support workstations.

By utilising the dual supply system overall length can be minimised through a single Infeed module and still allow for users to share power and data

Easy to install into all types of desks and screens utilising the built-in fixing apertures.

Fast installation with complete units supplied to site made up in the factory or by connecting Infeed module to power supply prior to workstation arriving thus allowing the circuits to be electrically tested and signed off leaving the socket modules to be added when convenient.

Telecom and data modules can be locked onto power modules to form one unit but wired separately or used as standalone modules.

16A socket units can be increased to 32A by simply changing supply cables and Infeed modules to 32A range.

Rotasoc is a professional grade system able to withstand high temperatures and impacts. The system has also been designed to accept an aluminium outer jacket which provides additional mechanical, shielding and application properties.