Rotasoc Above Desk Power Module

Features and Benefits

  • 16A desk top Rotasoc is available with a 3 metre power lead to 13A plug or a 1 metre cable to an interconnection module to plug into an under desk Rotasoc unit output.
  • Fully rotatable sockets
  • Integrated power and data
  • Standard, low noise/clean earth and dual circuit options
  • Easily connects to Rotasoc under desk configurations
  • Choice of 2, 3 or 4 socket options that rotate 360º
  • Available as either a horizontal or vertical desk module

Product information

Rotasoc is the industry standard modular power system for customisable above desk power. In 5 simple steps you can specify a configuration to meet your requirements. Furthermore if your requirement changes in the future Rotasoc can easily be altered due to its modular design.

Rotasoc includes a comprehensive selection of multi socket power and data modules with fully rotating sockets, available in;

Standard Earth

  • 16 Amp
  • 32 Amp