The Rotasoc system is a modular power distribution system constructed largely of fire retardant ABS injection mouldings. The system is presented in a series of modules comprising of 2, 3, and 4 socket outlets. Additional Infeed modules allow connection of external wiring. The modules can be assembled to create socket arrays with any number of sockets required. The modules are locked to each other via a simple and robust cam-lock system.

Infeed modules provide external wiring facilities for armoured cable as well as flexible lead. The Infeed module can also be used to provide safe external earth termination allowing electrical contractors to test and sign off electrical circuits before final fitting of socket modules.

Power is conducted through each module via a busbar system, consisting of up to 2 arrays of 3 conductors stacked vertically on each side of a socket assembly. The socket assembly is able to freely rotate in any direction. Power is conducted from the busbar to the socket assembly via three circular conductors that are integral to the socket and a spring-loaded diverter that is a component of the busbar. The power capacity of the system is 32A.

Socket assemblies have been designed for use with UK 13A plugs as well as European and American types. The socket assemblies are ultrasonically welded to enhance strength and reduce assembly time.

The Rotasoc system is configured specifically for customer requirements. Socket modules require no hand wiring, soldering or screws in assembly. The busbars and socket assemblies essentially float inside casework components, allowing assembly and configuration outside the casework. The array is then loaded into the casework components and ultrasonically welded providing a rigid and electrically safe construction.

To comply with the BS 6396, UK sockets are provided with a pop-up fuse holder located in the centre of the socket assembly or alternatively as a single fuse in the Infeed module.

The two-array busbar system allows socket arrays to function as true ring main giving constant voltage to each socket. Alternatively, depending on customer requirements, a single array bus bar system will provide radial facilities. The two-array busbar system also allows two voltages to be supplied in the same socket module. Another advantage of the busbar system is the facility to distribute both standard and low noise / clean power through the same socket module.

Uniquely the Rotasoc system is the only modular polymer constructed system that complies fully with BS 7671 section 607 (High Protective Conductor Currents).

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Selection and Installation

Select the type of distribution system - standard, low noise or dual.

Select the means of powering the system - cable or tap off.

Select the type of infeed module to match the cable.

Decide on protection module if required.

Select the number of socket modules - 2, 3, 4, individually fused or non-fused.

Select interconnect units if required and specify length of cable or conduit.

Finish system with the end cap or communication module.

Optional communication modules and fixing chassis are available.